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    The manufacturer of ANDY billiard cloth - Taiwan Super Billiard Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1973, At the beginning it produced table tennis tables for professional events and was the official supplier to the majority of Group A professional table tennis games. Company-owned team has won several national champion of mens and womens groups. Chairman Mr. Lin Maolin was the executive director of Taiwan Table Tennis Association.
    In1984 we created a department to produce billiard cloth, and we are the first professional manufacturer of worsted billiard cloth for events in Taiwan. The chairman Mr. Lin Maolin organized Taoyuan Billiard Association and served as chairman, and then funded the creation of the first professional billiards publications “Billiards Forum”, followed by the establishment of famous pool professional players’ committee in Taiwan which had a very significant impact on the pool development of Taiwan.
Our company was the official supplier of the Taiwans first international event "Taipei International Pool Invitational" in 1986 and was the only one used in top professional events in Taiwan at that time. Choosed by many top cue events worldwide, the ANDY billiard fabric officially entered the China market in 2009, becoming the specified cloth to "The initial world 9-balls China Open". It has been proved by many users and games in 28 years that ANDY ball cloth is one of the best billiard cloth in the world.
    Sold in over 20 countries, ANDY billiard fabric has earned its reputation with professional players and pool rooms. Over these years we constantly put our efforts in the renew of production equipment and R & D of new technologies. This allows the players to more fully enjoy the game for its accurate playing characteristics. In terms of speed control, stability to durability and abuse resistence, to which the club attach much importance, we has always improved the performance of the product with the requirements of the users.ANDY billiard cloth is widely used in professional events and commercial clubs. It’s not only a piece of cloth which looks like cloth for billiards ,it’s a real professional billiard cloth.


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